about us

Caracolillo Coffee was born out of the discovery of specialty coffee and its culture as something different and new that, after six years of exploration, too much work and a little debt, managed to make a dream come true in a unique space in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The name "Caracolillo" refers to peaberry coffee, the favorite coffee of Felix, grandfather of founder Jon Rueda.

With sights set on the quality, diversity and coffee culture, Caracolillo appears with the vision of bringing a unique selection of high-quality driven coffees and small batches from different roasters with the commitment to achieve complex and special results in the final cups. Combined with classic options of specialty coffees and local culture, a small menu of food and other drinks is also offered. Take a look to our menu

coffee roasters

The coffee roaster's offer doesn't stop growing and surprising. Here you can find a list of every coffee roaster we have worked with at least once.

Our criteria on choosing the coffee roaster and the coffees we work with are based on the roaster's experience, the relationship towards coffee complexity, the specialisation on roasting coffee and the sort of machines and distinguished practices proper to the third wave of coffee.

We look for roasters who buy great green beans and show a consistent development of their coffees, to make coffee taste how it should taste. And this is the only way we could ever consider coffee to be.


When available, buying local is our responsability. Most part of the menu is house made with some of the following local or well known suppliers.

pet friendly

pet-friendly Enjoy good coffee with good company!. At Caracolillo Coffee pets are just another customer, we will welcome them with a bowl of water so that they are comfortable while they accompany you.

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