Today's coffee

Our coffees come in small quantities and for a short period of time. Our menu is constantly evolving due to our vision and values towards coffee diversity and a multi-roaster system with high rotation. Coffees are differentiated into three categories: espresso for drinks through La Marzocco, such as your espresso or milky coffee; filter for Batch brew and Oreas; Subzero Coffee for the rare and special options saved at the freezer and specific to espressos and filters.


Villamaria. Colombia, castillo and caturra, washed
roaster: The Fix Coffee Roasters
description: Red apple, almonds, panela
Shyira. Rwanda, red bourbon, washed
roaster: The Fix Coffee Roasters
description: Orange, red fruits, floral
Javier Alvear. Colombia, ají, washed
roaster: Hola Coffee
description: Juicy, floral and wild berries
Huila Regional Decaf. Colombia, castillo y caturra, sugar cane decaffeinated process
roaster: The Fix Coffee Roasters
description: Brown sugar, milk chocolate. We only serve the house decaff from The Fix. Discover why ;)


Cohetango, Colombia, caturra and castillo, washed
roaster: Established Coffee Roasters
description: Red apple, honey, pretty clean
Shyira. Rwanda, red bourbon, experimental
roaster: The Fix Coffee Roasters
description: Liquor, figs, floral
El Vergel. Colombia, pink bourbon, semiwashed
roaster: Established Coffee
description: Raspberries, pomogranate, grapefruit

Subzero coffee

(Espresso) Samuel Jr Bermúdez, Colombia, caturra chiroso, experimental
roaster: Manhattan Coffee Roasters
description: Star anis, verbena, vanilla, floral
(Milky or business and pleasure) Enat Buna. Ethiopia, heirloom, natural
roaster: A Matter Of Concrete
description: Chocolate, orange, peach. With milk taste like a sweet and soft praline
(Filter) Al Duram, Yemen, jadi, natural anaerobic
roaster: Kawa Coffee Roasters
description: Blackcurrant, pear, caramel. Have you ever try anything from Yemen? This is a quite unique origin due to its politics and logistics.